Crispy Chicken & Spring Veggie Pasta With Pea Pesto + Upcoming Fun!

Happy Friday!

This week kinda flew by. I feel like that’s been rare the past few cold months, but we’re headed into the busy summer season here soon, so that always makes the weeks go by faster and faster. And we have so much going on this summer – starting off with a bang Memorial Day weekend!

A week from now, Zan and I will be in San Francisco, eating allllll the foods, drinking allllll the drinks, and going on allllll the adventures! We’re spending three days in SF and three in Napa!

You guys, this is my dream vacation. Back in college, I began to love wine, and with that, wine and food pairings. I took two wine classes in college. One was Geography of Wine where I learned the history of wine, how it’s made, which grapes grow in what regions, etc. The other was Wines of Northeast Ohio where two of my best college friends/roommates and I rode around in a bus with our classmates and went winery hopping in NE Ohio. I know what people are thinking: “Wine in Ohio? WTH?” But there are some truly lovely wineries out there, and the cold climate is great for growing white grapes.

I’ll never forget my dad’s reaction when I told him these wine classes had an additional fee on top of my tuition. He was like, “I’m paying for you to go around and get drunk?!” Haha. Dad, have I not paid you back by passing along all of my wine knowledge? :)

Also, fun fact: my dad grew up in Northeast, PA where the delicious and addictive concord grapes grow abundantly and where Welch’s has its largest manufacturing plant. People don’t really think of grapes growing in cold climates, but I’m tellin’ ya – it happens. My dad’s high school mascot was “The Grape Pickers,” which I think is awesome and hilarious.

Wow, I just really went off there about wine. Anywaysssss, you can see why I’m so excited to head up to sunny wine country with my love! I’ll be sure to post a recap of our trip when we get back.

I’ll leave you with a nice little chicken and veggie pasta dish that we enjoyed last night. The combination of the cripsy chicken and creamy pea pesto was delicious and satisfying. Shout out to my main squeeze who helped hold my new photography lamp while I snapped away and our dinner got cold.

Have a great weekend!

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